Friday, June 9, 2017

Wrapping Up Our First Amazing "Power Of Play" Week!

We have had a blast empowering each other to go beyond just "outside play". The children have learned about different habitats, weather, land, animals, and water all through the "Power of Play"!
We have asked several parents what their children had to say about "outdoor play" this week.
Here are the children's input:
*We got to water blast the cup down the line.
*My teacher has "real" tadpoles from a pond in our class
*We got to read books in a tent
*I splashed in puddles after water play
*We made big bubbles
*We bounced beach balls to the sky
*My teacher went down a water slide I made
*Mommy I'm so happy you came to my school for a picnic
* I learned so much about clouds
*My class painted big paper with different color ice outside
*I got to sleep in a tent on my cot
*Tadpoles look slimy
* I played with purple water
WoW!!! The things we learned this week were amazing!