Friday, April 24, 2020

Earth Day Activities!

The children celebrated Earth day this week by going on nature walks, looking for bugs, coloring using blue and green, discussing the layers of the Earth, and looking for the sun and moon outside. It's fantastic to see how involved they are and excited about everything in their environment! We hope you have a great weekend and enjoy being outside!

Friday, April 17, 2020

Big Shout Out To Our Teachers!

     We've been so proud to be able to remain open and serve our community members that are on the front lines everyday helping teach, lead, take care of and look after all of us. Thank you parents and families for everything you do, we're grateful for all the breakfast snacks, subway lunches every week, additional cleaning supplies, praise, and gratitude. We have missed the children, families, and our own teachers that have been staying home but have been blessed to have so much quality time with the ones that are with us. Our educators are phenomenal and we're bursting with pride to have them at the Academy of Harpeth Village and we can't wait to have everyone back!

Ms. Brooke & Ms. Misty say the best part of being with the littlest babies in Infant 1 is watching their development as they hit their first milestones! They get so attached to their little darlings!

Ms. Joni & Mrs. Babli in Infant 2 love helping their babies try new things like crawling, walking, and trying new foods! They're both doing such a great job getting their kids on a schedule! You can really tell how happy the children are!

Mrs. Shuvra & Ms. Bola say this is their favorite age in Infant 3. The children have really begun to use their words, signs, and they love to see them smile and clap their hands. We're grateful to have them working together.

Mrs. Mia & Mrs. Tammy have got one of the most active groups in Toddler 1! Their patience and devotion is unsurpassed! Their smiles and warmth light up their room everyday and you can see that happiness when their children are dancing!

Ms. Coco, Mrs. Jennifer, & Mrs. Guley have been an outstanding and award winning team for many years in Toddler 2. The children learn so much from them and have fun too! They model exceptional educator dedication and we always know we can count on them!

Mrs. Janet is in Toddler 3 and her beautiful spirit is contagious! Her smile and laughter is overwhelmingly bright and her experiences with children is wonderful. We love to see how she works with them to explain their daily curiosity!

Mrs. Hailey & Ms. Xena always make sure their room is ready for learning and decorated with such cute supplies. They know what each child needs individually and have strong bonds with the families. They say they miss their children when they're not here. We're so glad to have such a caring team in Preschool 1.

Mrs. Sabrina & Ms. Sherry are another strong and committed team that have been together for many years in Preschool 2. They demonstrate and teach the children more than what's required, they always put in 100% in every activity. We are so proud of them and what a great job they do to help the children truly have a great day everyday.

Ms. Gaby & Mrs. Krystal work in Preschool 3 & 4 and have been dedicated to our school for many years. Both of them have won top honors in our company for their STARS scores and their level of patience and dedication shines every single day in each of their classrooms!

Mrs. Jackie has been so helpful to be our school staff support. She can go into any room, knows all of the children, adapts to each class schedule and routine, always has a smile and a funny story to tell!

Mrs. Ashlee & Mrs. Chantel have stayed busy keeping everything sanitized, productive, fun and engaging. Having a positive attitude helps keep everyone happy and these two have set the bar high for professionalism and encouraging a healthy and happy school family.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Happy Hoppy Day!

We were so glad to have a special visitor today! Have a wonderful long weekend, we hope you enjoy time together and outside hunting eggs!

Friday, April 3, 2020

Spring Discoveries & Experiments

Preschool Science experiments are such a fun and effective means of getting children interacting with the world around them, both inside and outside the classroom. There is no limit to what you can do with science and the children absolutely love it. This week Ms. Gaby & Mrs. Krystal have conducted some awesome experiments and the kids have learned so much and had a blast! They created a colorful volcano, built a pulley system, brought in a pet snake, and let the kids look at a lot of cool things under a microscope! There is so much to explore and lots of articles with great ideas! We hope you have fun looking for cool stuff outside this weekend!