Friday, April 30, 2021


 We love to encourage, uplift, and recognize our teachers. One way we do that is through consistent training, praise, special recognition and incentives! We're so excited to announce the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week starting next Monday, May 3rd. We have lots of fun gifts planned for the staff, to show how grateful we are for everything they do everyday for the children in their care. Thank you to our Academy Families for trusting us with your most precious little gifts!

Ms. Leah is our Health & Wellness Coordinator. She provides the excellent healthy hot meals everyday on time with a smile! The children always thank her when she arrives! 

Infant 1

Infant 2

Infant 3

Ms. Suzanne is a wonderful and dependable support staff! She helps out with all the classes, especially our little darling babies! We love how she smiles and talks to them all day!

Toddler 1

Toddler 2

Toddler 3

Ms. Tiffany & Ms. MaKayla are new to our team and are helping out with our fun and energetic toddlers! We love that enjoy what they do and come in with a great attitude everyday!

 Preschool 1

Ms. Becky is new to Preschool 1 and we're so glad to have her! She's a sweetheart and can be found playing with the children all day, welcome to the team!

Preschool 2

Ms. Erin has been a blessing to our school family! She has helped out in many classes and is always enthusiastic to work with every staff member and child! Way to go!

Preschool 3
Preschool 4

PK 1

PK 2

We extend our gratitude to our teachers and families, we can't wait to feel the love next week!!

Friday, April 16, 2021

Best Day Ever!

 You couldn't have wished for a better day! This morning our favorite magician Mr. Bruce Amato came to entertain us! He is unstoppable and hilarious! Right after that we had an amazing healthy outdoor picnic, the weather was perfect! We finished our day with classroom ice cream parties and new playground toys! We give a huge shout out to our educators and parents, we're so blessed to have such dedicated teachers and grateful families! We hope you get outside this weekend and enjoy the fresh spring air!

Monday, April 5, 2021

Bunny Parties & Egg Hunt!

We all had a fabulous week last week and to top it off our favorite bunny came to see the children at AoHV! He danced and hopped with them, and handed out eggs and goodies during their morning egg hunt! Most everyone loved him, but a few friends were a little nervous of him and his big eyes and ears! They realized pretty quick he was nice, friendly, and funny! Thank you to all mommies and daddies that donated healthy and tasty snacks for the parties! The children had such a great time! We hope you all had a great weekend with family and friends!