Thursday, May 27, 2021

Summer fun coming soon!

We've been gearing up for summer time! The children have been discussing the seasonal changes and have been excited for the upcoming water days! We love to let the children help conduct morning meetings with the pointer and be the teacher assistant, they are the best weather watchers and love to learn about everything! Stay tuned for all the fun pictures! 

Friday, May 21, 2021

Let's Play Outside!

Children absolutely love being outside even though they have no idea of all the amazing developmental benefits! The article below sums up the importance of getting the children outdoors as often as possible. Today our playgrounds got some updated rubber turf surface and the children were so amazed and excited to see how the machines and workers fixed the ground. Check out these awesome pictures of the Academy children as they play with the new sensory digging box, sand box, and fun nature hunts! Have a great weekend!,more%20active%20as%20they%20age

Friday, May 14, 2021

Pre- Handwriting Skills

 The more a child practices reading and writing, the more they broaden their vocabulary and are able to communicate more effectively to each other and their teachers. Research suggests that the process of forming letters while handwriting plays a crucial role in the activation of neural pathways that are associated with strong reading skills. 

Research in studies also show, children who practice handwriting do better at reading and spelling. Experts believe that forming letters by hand while learning sounds activates reading circuits in the brain that promote literacy. Handwriting reinforces our reading and language processing skills. Writing by hand allows time to slow down the thought process enabling the child to think about the words, how they are spelt and the structure of the writing.

The benefits that handwriting offers today's student are countless. With practice, handwriting provides more confidence, better dexterity, improved recall, and memory; and it can even help those students suffering from disabilities like ADD and Dyslexia. At AoHV we are proud to offer an engaging curriculum that not only makes learning fun, but fosters a sense of accomplishment and confidence concerning language, literacy, and handwriting. Our "Get Set For School" Program encourages the children to write correctly as well as learning sight words to prepare them for the literacy tasks of elementary school. Great job to our little artists for their priceless masterpieces!

Friday, May 7, 2021


 You parents went above and beyond to show love and appreciation to the amazing and dedicated teachers and staff at AoHV! We thank you so much for the donuts, cupcakes, and cookies every morning. The wonderful candles, plants, flowers, soaps, lotions, drinks, snacks, cups, and gift cards, and most importantly the special cards and words of gratitude for taking such good care of your little sweethearts! Our staff strives every day to keep the children in a safe and positive environment where they can learn, play, and grow to the best they can be! We wouldn't be here without you teachers and families, and we hope you have an amazing weekend and Happy Mother's Day!