Thursday, March 26, 2020

Spring is in the Air!

     Spring makes everything come to life! Sometimes children yell for no reason if they feel good, teachers have spring fever and want to try new accomplishments, the animals, birds, and insects even act a little wild! To help manage the excitement, stress, noise, and new projects, requires a thought out plan. Much like maintaining a home, job, classroom, we must have intentional thought provoking ideas and be able to implement them in a positive way.

     The great thing about new ideas is how amazed children are at everything in their world. The first time they see their shadow, their outside world, their emotions, new activities, sights, sounds, smells, the list is endless. At AoHV we encourage every opportunity for teachable moments and plan for positive growth for every area of their development. We hope this weekend you can make a plan to get outside with them and enjoy the fresh air, bugs, bubbles, grass, sunshine, and the priceless memories they give us. Thank you for sharing your children with our Academy staff!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Staying Engaged, Entertained, & Positive!

Providing engaging activities for preschoolers is imperative during an uncertain time like this. With the anxiety surrounding our present worldly situation, we have to remember that staying strong and positive for our children and family is crucial. Their innocence, smiles, and light hearted personalities provide a distraction from the harshness we face as adults. 

It's easy to have frustrations, fears, and concerns, and at times hard to remain positive and productive. There are a lot of great articles to help handle stress and great ways to confront explanations for children. Hang in there parents, we're here to provide resources, reassuring positive advice, and ideas for engaging activities to keep the little darlings content and happy! Have a safe and healthy weekend.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Look at our lucky little lads! Celebrating an Irish tradition of music, leadership, culture, and dance.

Friday, March 13, 2020

A Special Thank You!

We extend a special thank you to Mrs. Anne for the staff breakfast last Friday. We were so proud and grateful that the parents provided such a wonderful meal for us on Monday. The teachers and staff have worked so hard on preparing the rooms, implementing the curriculum, and staying on schedule. The assessment went fantastic and it's an honor to be a 3 star school. We love our school community, thanks again for all your hard work everyone!

Wacky Week!

The children and teachers had so much fun dressing up for Dr. Seuss Wacky Week! It's so cute to see all their funny and sweet personalities shine! We're looking forward to a great rest of the month full of fun activities, learning, and memories!

Friday, March 6, 2020

Happy Dr. Seuss Week!

The children have enjoyed celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday and making fun artwork and crafts this week. One of the fun activities was in Mrs. Sherry, Mrs. Sabrina, & Mrs. Babli's class. They brought the children into the enrichment room and taught them how to make green eggs and ham! Each child got to help stir, then pour, and then they got to eat it! A special thank you to all the grandparents that came to read to the classes today. Have a great weekend!