Thursday, March 26, 2020

Spring is in the Air!

     Spring makes everything come to life! Sometimes children yell for no reason if they feel good, teachers have spring fever and want to try new accomplishments, the animals, birds, and insects even act a little wild! To help manage the excitement, stress, noise, and new projects, requires a thought out plan. Much like maintaining a home, job, classroom, we must have intentional thought provoking ideas and be able to implement them in a positive way.

     The great thing about new ideas is how amazed children are at everything in their world. The first time they see their shadow, their outside world, their emotions, new activities, sights, sounds, smells, the list is endless. At AoHV we encourage every opportunity for teachable moments and plan for positive growth for every area of their development. We hope this weekend you can make a plan to get outside with them and enjoy the fresh air, bugs, bubbles, grass, sunshine, and the priceless memories they give us. Thank you for sharing your children with our Academy staff!