Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Nashville Public Library Marionette's Visit!

We are always so thankful to have the Nashville Public Library visit our school to teach the children about a great story. This month they spoke to us about a young Hispanic boy named Tomas and a sweet librarian who taught him how important books are in our lives. The story was spoken to the kids in English and Spanish which is so important in our multicultural and diverse community. The kids are always intrigued by the marionette's and how life-like they move, and appear to speak. Tomas rode a dinosaur into the library, a tiger helped him look for books and the kids were wowed by the story! A special thanks to the library for filling our children with knowledge and inspirational stories!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Baking Thanskgiving Bread

Our Preschool 3 teachers taught the children how to make banana and pumpkin bread this week. The kids got to mix the ingredients, take turns stirring, watch it rise throughout the day and finally eat it! It was amazing to see how a science experiment turned into something great that tasted so good! It taught them to use all of their senses, and they even took time to share their creation with their parents and teachers!


We are extremely grateful here at AoHV for our teachers, children, & families so to show our gratitude we had a big Thanksgiving lunch on Friday, November 18 for everyone. We hosted trimmed turkey & gravy, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, cinnamon apples and four different kinds of delicious desserts! The children got to eat in their classrooms or in the enrichment room with their families. It was a real treat and beautifully set up. The artwork throughout our hallways is adorable and we are thankful for our teacher's hard work and devotion to the children in our care. Our Preschool 3 class taught the children how to make banana and pumpkin bread this week. Family is everything and what we teach our kids is respect for each other and their surroundings, we hope you all have a safe and memorable holiday season.