Monday, November 25, 2013

The Pre K Classes made Ice Cream

The Pre K classes learned how to make their own ice cream last Friday. They shook up their ingredients in bags of ice and salt. After the cream turned into ice cream they enjoyed a yummy afternoon snack with sprinkles and all! 

Here is a link that will explain how to make your own ice cream at home and enjoy it over the holidays! Easy Homemade Icecream

Sunday, November 24, 2013

AOHV Thanksgiving Lunch!

Friday was our Thanksgiving Lunch here at AoHV! We had a great turnout and everyone enjoyed all the yummy food we had! Our menu included Turkey and gravy, stuffing, potatoes, rolls, green beans, apple pie, and pumpkin pie!

 Pre K 2 had made Indian Hats to wear!

 Ms. Amanda and Her daughter Emma
 Ms. Kameran and her son Sawyer
 Annie and her Mom
 Liam and Mom
 Drew and his Dad