Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Week!

Few other professionals touch as many people as teachers do. Educators contribute to communities across our state every day in many ways. During Teacher Appreciation Week, thousands of communities will take time to honor their local educators and the commitment, enthusiasm and hard work of all educators and caregivers— past, present and future. Teacher Appreciation Week is your opportunity to show your appreciation to teachers/caregivers for all the effort they put in each day and the education that we receive thanks to them, and to acknowledge the crucial role teachers play in making sure every student receives quality care and education. A big shout out to the Annastas family for an amazing lunch that was catered in from Dream Events & Catering. It was great!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pre-K Prom!

The most amazing event for our children at AoHV is the experience of learning, laughing, and of course growing, but whenever we have moments like this, the 2016 Hollywood prom, our efforts are glorified forever by memories of sweet innocence of the purest form. Our children learn also from each other to lead, follow, and make choices that ultimately define their personalities and futures. We as teachers, administrators, and parents feel a bittersweet sorrow when our children leave our facility to go into the world, but we are surely proud we gave then their best first head start! Congratulations Pre-K, you're almost there!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Releasing A Baby Butterfly!

The school age children of AoHV were given baby caterpillars to hatch and care for. Our friend Jeremy thoughtfully decided to donate his baby caterpillar to our room. As we watched the chrysalis get darker and bigger, the children anticipated his butterfly birth. Behold! Yesterday he hatched and we let him go on a nearby honeysuckle bush. We are honored to give your children more than the gift of art, structure and respect, but the gift of life and caring for our Earth and all its inhabitants from great to small.