Friday, June 2, 2017

Pre-K 2 Prom!

Pre-K prom was totally radical! We had an 80's theme prom and it turned out perfect! Parents, teachers, and children dressed the part. We played musical chairs, limbo, and freeze dance (which is their favorite). Our Pre-K students had a blast dancing the night away to 80s music! The students had a lot to say about the prom! Some memorable quotes were:

"I love the air radio!"
"Limbo was my favorite because I can bend backwards!"
"I liked when my mom played musical chairs with me"
"Ms. Ashlee and Ms. Marie are so much fun to play musical chairs with because they let me win!"
"I love this music!"
"Thriller was my favorite song!"
"I like taking pictures with all the fun toys!"
"I like playing dress up with mom and dad!"
"I can dance all night!"
"I like dancing in the dark with my glow necklace!"
"I liked when my daddy put funny sunglasses on!"
"I liked singing on stage with my microphone!"
"I liked rolling the big dice!"
"I'm the best at freeze dance!"

We are so glad they had a great night!