Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Swing Those Golf Clubs!

Movement isn't just when you move the outside of your body it can also mean movement of the inside of your body as well. Exercising your brain is also important not only for long life, but also for brain function,  which can help prevent memory loss. Golfing forces you to remember numbers, images, and even specific tips and techniques. Therefore, it is a great all-around way to exercise both body and mind.
"I want to get at least 5 points"
"I got 20 points, now I have to find my ball under the box"
"I got 5 points and had to pull my ball out of the 100 points"
"Doe's that mean I get 100 points?"
I don't know who's having more fun the teachers, parents, or children!
How do you train a pro!
" I got 10 points, now I can't get my ball back"