Friday, June 23, 2017


Children acquire knowledge by doing and via reflection on their experiences which is full of movement, imagination, and self-directed play. This summer we are spending more time on self-directed learning-moving freely and doing activities that they themselves choose- and measurably more time in a passive learning environment. This week we are learning about movement. Movement allows children to connect concepts to action and learn through trail and error. Here are some ways we are learning about movement!

                 "I kick the ball and it moves"
We are moving paint in bags!
              Squish, squish, move, move!
                Ready for take off!
                    "Airplanes fly high in the sky"
"We are zooming the car over the mountain"
       "My car is moving really fast down the pipe"
          "We are going to make it go faster
                  by putting the pipe higher"
"The water is moving"
"We got to play hide and seek all week"