Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Nashville Public Library "Power of Play"!

 The Nashville Public Library did a zoom meeting for our school to help parents and educators know the importance of PLAY!

Play helps develop theses self-regulation skills:

*Controlling emotions 

*Controlling behaviors

*Controlling thought processes  

Good self-regulation skills will help your child learn in a classroom environment.

Play helps develop theses language skills:  

*Adjusting language to fit the situation

*Using a richer vocabulary

*Using the more sophisticated  language of adults

A good predictor of reading success, language also contributes to children's overall cognitive and social development. 

Play help develop these social skills: 

* Taking turns

*Cooperation and working with others

*Understanding others' perspective 

Good social skills will help children function in a classroom where they will interact with others regularly.

Play helps develop these early literacy skills:

*Symbolic recognition (understanding that one thing can represent another)

*Print awareness (understanding the natural and uses of print)

Early Literacy lays the foundation for children's continued success in school. 

Thank you, Nashville public Library for this very useful and important information! Play is definitely important for children and how they learn and grow.