Friday, January 31, 2020

Classroom Safe Place and Conscious Discipline

 The Academy schools are proud to offer many positive resources for parents and educators. One of the many ways our teachers help the children is through the consistent use of Conscious Discipline. Times have changed in our society, and new ways of offering positive choices and teachable moments has been proven more effective for children's development and self-regulating skills. 

Conscious Discipline offers a relationship-based community model of classroom management concerning perception, unity, attention, free will, love, acceptance, and intention.
The value that Conscious Discipline teaches children paves the way for maturity and confidence as they grow. 

In each classroom there is a "Safe place" for children to learn how to handle their emotions and have the space they need as they need it. For infants the safe place is in their caregivers arms, for toddlers it's on their educators lap. For our preschoolers, in every room there's an area of the room designed with signs, soft pillows, and special books of interest. The response to the program and the positive results are as rewarding for us as it is for them.