Friday, September 8, 2017

Frog Street and The Academy: Better Together!

Frog Street is an early childhood education curriculum built by early childhood educators. The curriculum's main focus is to ignite the minds of young children by fostering their academic, social, and emotional growth through purposeful lessons and materials that intentionally produce a positive outcome. Through extensive brain research Frog Street has built a curriculum that makes learning joyful and purposeful!
Our fall Frog Street curriculum is in full swing at the Academy of Harpeth Village! This month's theme is "All About Me"! Our teachers and students have had a blast learning all about the things that make them awesome and remarkable! We have loved seeing and hearing all the wonderful things the children have learned so far!

"My muscles help me jump!"

"Look! It's My Face!"

"I put my face puzzle together!"

"My ribcage protects my heart!"

"My heart pumps blood!"

"We used our bodies to make the letters in our names!

"I'm learning how to spell my name!"