Friday, August 4, 2017

Constructing Our Imaginations!

The children are having a blast constructing their imaginations during construction week! The children have enjoyed building structures using a variety of materials! We have been working on several skills while in "The Power Of Play"! We are developing critical thinking. We help your child learn to talk about the patterns you see in more sophisticated ways, moving from shallow statements ("it's red, blue") to deeper explanations (" I built a building with two rooms and three different colors that stands about two feet tall"). We are also building their memory. We have children study a pattern, and then try to reduce it from their memory after taking the pattern away. Last but not least we like to stimulate creativity. We encourage your child to make patterns out of stuff we provide here at school-like legos, books, pool noodles, colored bears, blocks, colored foam, and the list goes on. Children learn through play everyday!