Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

🍀🍀  Today in Preschool 3, the class was  busy learning all about St. Patrick's Day and a little friend called a Leprechaun. We decided that we were going to try and catch a leprechaun! We gathered lots of green items that we found around the school and even made a traps out of recycled boxes! We were all sure to take a nap, cause rumor has it that leprechauns only come around if you're not there or if you're sleeping,  when we woke up there were green footprints everywhere! We followed them to our bathroom where the leprechaun had gone potty and it was GREEN!!! We then remembered our trap, so we ran over to see if we had caught him and unfortunately he got away, but he was sure to leave us a tasty treat for all of our hard work!