Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pre-K 2 Graduation

      What a tear-jerker tonight's graduation ceremony was for the staff of AoHV and for the parents and families of the Pre-K 2 program. We started the night with a special video created by Mrs. Sallie and pictures of the children throughout the year with special music playing in the background. The children then lined up and walked out to the traditional graduation anthem and began to sing some of their favorite songs. After Mrs. Brittany called out their names one by one, the diplomas were all presented.  We had the cap-throwing and ate some delicious cake and punch that Mrs. Anne had made! Mrs. Chantel played a slideshow of their graduation portraits as they celebrated the victory. It was a magical and tearful evening as the teachers give up such sweet kids, to become big kids in kindergarten. We thank all of you for coming tonight and we will never forget the memories we have made with your young students. Good luck for a bright future and blessings to you all. Good Night.