Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Sweet May with her "May flowers" :)

Our Preschool 1 class is enjoying the May weather by playing outside with chalk!  They have a great time working together and testing out all of the different colors.

Our pint-sized Picassos, as Ms. Sunni likes to call it! :)  Even our Infant 2 and 3 classes love using bright colors to finger paint and do free art.  They'll be all set for open centers one day!

The May weather makes our infants happy, too! They love taking stroller rides :)  So precious!

Meet our adorable twins of Infant 1!

These two infants must have called each other to plan their outfits!  

Here are two sisters getting to have fun together outside!  Caroline and Alice loved getting to have fun in the sun! :)

One of our TASK students is soaking it all up!

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